Re-Opening of Practice

Dear Patients

The sudden announcement on Thursday 28th May that dental practices may open and see patients from the 8th June was both a relief and shock to us at Hythe Dental Care. Relief, because we will be able to get back to helping our patients who have experienced problems during the lockdown and have not been able to access dental services and shock because this has not left us much time to get ready for seeing patients in a safe environment. Since we were told on the 18th March to stop face to face consultations, I have been examining the science behind this decision and exploring ways that would enable us to begin work again that would be both safe for our patients and of course for the staff as well.


Obtaining the correct PPE has been a huge challenge and not only has it been scarce to get but also the promised delivery of certain articles has not yet materialised. The waiting room, hallway and reception flooring has been changed to allow better sterilisation procedures and social distancing measures have been implemented. Hand sanitation dispensers will be available for use at various areas of the practice. A protective screen has been installed at reception and contactless arrivals and departures will become necessary. A washer/dryer has been installed to clean all staff clinical wear on site and staff changing facilities have been built. New policies and protocols are being drafted and staff training is taking place to correctly implement these protocols. We are trying our very best to be  ready to see patients from the 8th June. This is largely dependant on the arrival of the correct PPE, however we will always keep you informed.


Please ensure you make every effort to attend any appointments made. A failure to attend appointments without 24 hour notice will incur a £40 fee due to the premium placed on treatment times available.


When the practice re-opens, due to new protocols, your dental visit will no longer be the same as before, as with everything post COVID19, we will have to have a new normal:

Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and support during this pandemic. We have always strived to provide the best possible care in the safest environment for you, our valued patients and will continue to do so to the best of our abilities. Updates to our situation will always be available on our website, please check regularly.